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Categorically Change the Game with PIXELS - LED Video Walls   backside of LED wall

Opto-electronic Video Wall Technology is GAME CHANGING!

Our LED Walls Categorically Out-Perform all Forms of Video Displays. Display Size is no longer a problem, nor is ambient light. LED Walls are Scalable and Visibly Bright, even in daylight.   collage of LED Video Walls - Road Cases
  • Next Generation Opto-Electronics / LED Wall Pixel Pitch

  • Bright, Even in Daylight

  • High Definition

  • Breakthrough Affordability

  • Revolutionary, Game Changing 

Abbreviated History of Visual Communications   LED walls - Camera Obscura

500 BC - 1800’s - Camera Obscura

Origins - Moti, Aristotle, DiVinci, Kepler

Not very Portable or Practical, and Everything is Upside Down and Backwards, but Hey It Worked   LED video wall - GE Talaria Video Projector - Pixels.png   LED video Walls - 3 CRT Barco Projector

1980’s - Light Valve Technology / The Genesis of Electronic Video Display

Origins - General Electric / Telaria Light Valve

 2,000 Lumens / NTSC

$100,000 Cost to Purchase

1990’s - 3 CRT Technology / Cathode Ray Tube 

Origins - Barco Display Group

2,000 Lumens / NTSC / Computer VGA

$50,000 Cost to Purchase

Alignment Nightmare / called Electronic Convergence for a reason  LED wall - DLP Projector   LED video wall - LCD Projector - Pixels

2010’s - 3 DLP Technology 

Origins - Texas Instruments 

14,000 Lumens / High Definition / Bright

$40,000 Cost to Purchase

Fantastic but Expensive

2018 - 3 LCD Technology 

Origins - 3M

10,000 Lumens / High Definition / Bright

$10,000 Cost to Purchase

Inexpensive, Projection Limitations

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